foodslack matches local farmers and buyers

we make it easy to find goods & coordinate deliveries

what is foodslack?

An interactive network connecting local farmers with local buyers.

All participants will be able to see prices, quantities, and product attributes.

All participants will be able to coordinate delivery times.

All participants will be able to publicly review and rate one another.

The foodslack network will give the community faster, fresher, and greater local sourcing options.

who should use foodslack?

Any farmer who wants to deliver locally

Any buyer who wants to source locally

the actors:

farmers: local producers of produce, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, beverages, baked goods, soaps, consumables

buyers: cooperatives, shops, restaurants, distributors, butchers, and fishmongers

the plot:

farmers want more orders from local buyers

buyers want more deliveries from local farmers

the drama:

farmers can’t easily coordinate multiple orders and deliveries

buyers can’t easily find exact quantities, prices, and products

the resolution:

foodslack helps farmers find local buyers, manage orders, coordinate deliveries

foodslack helps buyers find local products, prices, and quantities with specific filters

the cost:

$12.99 per month: Unlimited searches, orders, delivery coordination throughout the entire network.

our principles: We don’t take a percentage of anything, period. Farmers and buyers settle on their own terms.

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