foodslack matches local farmers and buyers

we make it easy to find goods & coordinate deliveries

All foodslack farmers and buyers:

  • Eliminate excess emailing, calling, searching, and driving.
  • Discover new markets, place orders, and coordinate deliveries.
  • Rate each other, encouraging timely delivery and payment.
  • Receive automatic delivery & confirmation notifications.

Benefits for the farmer:

  1. Farmers gets instant access to every single buyer in the network

    • Buyers, such as restaurants, can search by specific or general terms.
    • All results are sorted by the farm's distance to the buyer.

  2. Farmers receive instant order notification

    • Automatic order notifications are sent to farmers via email.

  3. Farmers benefit from online communications

    • All communications, receipts, orders, questions, and comments are stored online for reference.

  4. Farmers set their own delivery & financial terms

    • Farmers set a minimum per-mile dollar value threshold and a delivery radius.
      • If a buyer is 25 miles away and your minimum dollar value is $7 per mile, then the buyer's order has to be a minimum of $175.
      • The math:  $7 per mile x 25 miles = $175 minimum order.
    • Farmers can demand either cash or credit or both.
    • Farmers will only receive orders that they are financially and logistically happy with.

  5. Farmers keep 100% of their revenue

    • Foodslack will never take a percentage of revenue.
    • Our fee is a $12.99 subscription service for all parties - buyers and farmers - regardless of volume.

  6. Farmers can instantly update their inventory

    • Farmers need approximately 2 seconds to upload inventory onto the system from a spreadsheet.

  7. Farmers can instantly cancel or suspend their account

    • Foodslack will stop billing you after two clicks.
    • We only want committed members in our network.
    • For example, during the off season, feel free to suspend your account.

  8. Farmers benefit from a rating system

    • Farmers can rate buyers based on payment timeliness and general flexibility.
    • Farmers can identify the type of buyers they're willing to transact with.

Benefits for the Buyer:

  1. Clear product searches

    • Buyers can instantly search for and find products that farmers are willing to deliver to them.
    • No more sifting through hundreds of emails.

  2. Clear and specific search parameters

    • Buyers can search for a wide variety of terms including, "organic", "gmo-free", "nut-free", "kosher", "pasture-raised", or "soy-based" etc.

  3. Clear prices

    • Buyers can instantly see all product prices across a local radius.

  4. Clear distances

    • Buyers can instantly see the farm's distance to your organization.

  5. Clear descriptions

    • Buyers can instantly see product and farm descriptions.

  6. Clear order and delivery notification

    • Buyers can instantly place orders. They will receive an email upon confirmation.

  7. Clear inventory levels

    • Buyers see updated inventory levels.
    • Farmers can update their products at anytime.
    • Farmers are required to update their product inventory at least once per week.

  8. Buyers benefit from a rating system

    • Buyers can rate farmers based on product quality and delivery timeliness.
    • Buyers can identify the type of farmers they're willing to transact with.

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